Top 10 Best Of Aerosmith Songs

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IT MAY HAVE taken 11 years, but Aerosmith finally returned this week with their new album, Music From Another Dimension! To promote the disc, the band went on a full-scale media assault, appearing on The Today Show, NPR, and every other media outlet that would have them. They also did a giant outdoor show outside their former apartment in Boston.

 As Aerosmith gears up to recommence their American tour, slated to kick off later this week in Oklahoma City, we seized the moment to engage with our readers. This opportune juncture prompted us to conduct a poll, aiming to unveil the sentiments and preferences of our audience regarding the Best Of Aerosmith Songs. Without further ado, click through to peruse the results and discover the top 10 Aerosmith songs as chosen by our dedicated readership.

‘What It Takes’ is the Best Aerosmith Songs

It’s half-forgotten now, but in the early 1980s, Aerosmith was completely washed up. Joe Perry and Brad Whitford had left the band, and Steven Tyler was a strung-out mess. They seemed like one of many 1970s bands sleepwalking through their old hits on the club circuit and releasing albums that were dead on arrival.

Unlike, say, Grand Funk Railroad, Aerosmith was unwilling to roll over and die. They caught a lucky break when Rick Rubin brought them into the studio with Run-DMC for a remake of “Walk This Way,” and they followed it up with a series of increasingly popular albums for Geffen. Their success was partially explained by a willingness to work with outside songwriters. Desmond Child helped Bon Jovi craft “Livin’ on a Prayer,” and shortly after that, he co-wrote the ballad “What It Takes” with Joe Perry and Steven Tyler. It was the fourth single on Pump, and it shot to Number Nine on the Billboard Hot 100. Even many Aerosmith fans who hate the ballads tend to make an exception for this one.

One of Aerosmith Top Songs is ‘Last Child’

Aerosmith were riding very high in 1976. They had finally broken through to the Top 40 the previous year with “Walk This Way,” and they had graduated from clubs to arenas. Many fans feel this period peaked with the release of Rocks in May 1976. It opens with “Back in the Saddle” and doesn’t let up until the finale of “Home Tonight.” The second track, the über-funky “Last Child,” was written by Steven Tyler and guitarist Brad Whitford. It was the first single from the LP, and it peaked at Number Nine. It remains Whitford’s signature song, and it’s been in their setlist for decades.

Janie’s Got a Gun is Aerosmith Greatest Hits Songs

Aerosmith soared to great heights in 1976. The band had achieved a breakthrough into the Top 40 the year before with “Walk This Way” and had transitioned from playing clubs to commanding arenas. For many fans, this era reached its pinnacle with the launch of Rocks in May 1976. The album kicks off with “Back in the Saddle” and maintains its energetic momentum until the closing track, “Home Tonight.” The second song, the incredibly funky “Last Child,” was co-written by Steven Tyler and guitarist Brad Whitford. This track served as the initial single from the LP and reached its peak at Number Nine on the charts. It stands as Whitford’s defining piece, remaining a staple in their setlist for countless decades.

Mama Kin is the Aerosmith Top Hits

Everything that’s great about Aerosmith was evident on their 1973 debut LP, yet it took a couple of years for the world to catch on. “Dream On” stood as the lone song from the album to make an impact on the charts, reaching its peak at Number 59. (After three years, a re-release climbed to Number Six.) Surprisingly, the single “Mama Kin” failed to make waves on the charts, despite being hailed by most present-day fans as one of the band’s finest pieces.

“That was a song I brought with me when I joined Aerosmith,” Steven Tyler shared in the band’s oral history, Walk This Way. “I took the lick from an old Blodwyn Pig song…I had so much confidence in that song, I had ‘Ma Kin’ tattooed on my arm.” At the time of its release, Aerosmith faced dismissal as a mere imitation of the Rolling Stones. Thirteen years down the line, Guns N’ Roses included a cover of the song on their inaugural EP Live ?!* Like a Suicide. Critics, however, brushed them off as a replica of Aerosmith.

Seasons of Wither is the Aerosmith Most Popular Songs

Aerosmith first collaborated with producer Jack Douglas on their second LP, Get Your Wings, back in 1974. Fast forward almost 40 years, and Douglas is still an integral part of the band, contributing to many of their most exceptional works. Although Get Your Wings didn’t yield any chart-topping hits, practically every track on it holds a special place in the hearts of their fans. The poignant “Seasons of Wither” found its genesis when Steven Tyler, residing with Joey Kramer in a house near an old chicken farm in Needham, Massachusetts, penned the song. Reflecting on its creation, Tyler revealed, “I was frustrated about my taxes, and channeling that anger helped me write. So, one evening, I descended to the basement, where we had a rug laid out, a couple of furniture boxes, grabbed this guitar Joey had given me – a Dumpster guitar – and after taking a few Tuinals and Seconals, I lit some incense and wrote ‘Seasons of Wither.'”

The Aerosmith Popular Songs is I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

“I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” stands as the most divisive song in Aerosmith’s extensive catalog. Crafted by Diane Warren, this ballad held the top spot for an impressive four weeks in 1998, marking it as the band’s most colossal hit. While some of the traditional fans viewed it as a commercial sell-out, it undeniably served as an introduction of Aerosmith to an entirely new audience.

The timing of its release was crucial for Aerosmith. Following a four-year gap since Get a Grip and the disappointing reception of their subsequent album, Nine Lives, tensions among band members were palpable. Unexpectedly, this track from the Armageddon soundtrack erupted onto the scene, breathing new life into the band. Nowadays, during concerts, it serves as a moment for some to take a break, while for others, it triggers emotions, prompting them to pull out their iPhones and become overwhelmed with tears.

Back in the Saddle is Best Songs By Aerosmith

Aerosmith had a clear vision of opening their 1976 LP Rocks with an immense, anthemic track. Producer Jack Douglas shared, “We aimed to capture this larger-than-life essence. It was about immersing the band into the listener’s mind when they slipped on their headphones late at night… At the Record Plant, we discussed Gene Autry’s ‘Back in the Saddle Again,’ and Steven interpreted it as a return to intimacy with your partner, while I wished we could leverage this saddle metaphor to announce, ‘Here’s another album, folks! Get ready for a rock-out session as I strap on my spurs.'”

Walk This Way is the Best Songs of Aerosmith

Aerosmith were in the midst of recording their iconic 1975 album “Toys in the Attic” when they paused to catch Mel Brooks’ new movie “Young Frankenstein” in Times Square. In a memorable scene, Igor instructs Doctor Frankenstein to “walk this way,” mimicking a disfigured limp. The band found the moment uproarious, nearly tumbling out of their seats with laughter. Inspired, Steven Tyler decided to craft a song around that line. Fuelled by a Tuinal that night, he penned the lyrics, only to misplace them in a cab. Promptly, the next day in the studio, he hastily jotted down lines about a “high school loser” experiencing his first intimate encounter.

This impromptu creation turned into a massive hit. Years later, various New York rappers isolated Joey Kramer’s drum loop from the song’s opening and constructed their own tracks around it. Eventually, Run-DMC reworked the entire song in collaboration with Joe Perry and Steven Tyler, propelling Aerosmith back from the shadows of obscurity.

The one of Popular Aerosmith Songs is Sweet Emotion

With “Sweet Emotion,” Aerosmith finally broke into the Top 40, allowing them to sell numerous copies of Toys in the Attic and catapulting them into a whole new realm of fame. What many fans didn’t realize was that the song delves into Joe Perry’s former spouse, Elyssa. To say the least, Steven Tyler didn’t hold her in high regard. “I couldn’t connect with Joe when she was around,” Tyler mentioned, “and she was around all the time. She ended up using all his drugs. Before she entered the scene, I was the one using all his drugs. It became a significant issue.” Understanding this might shed light on lines like, “You talk about things that nobody cares/ You’re wearing out things that nobody wears.” While Elyssa has long departed from Perry’s life, “Sweet Emotion” continues to stand as one of Aerosmith’s defining tracks.

Dream On is the best songs of Aerosmith

Steven Tyler composed “Dream On” on a Steinway upright piano nearly four years before the inception of Aerosmith. “It encapsulates the essence of persevering until your aspirations materialize,” Tyler articulated. “It encapsulates the hunger, longing, and fervent ambition to carve a path to success, a sentiment deeply entrenched within Aerosmith during those times. Its resonance is palpable within the music because that fervor was genuinely there. It was a ‘Make it, don’t break it’ anthem in every sense.” Initially, upon its 1973 release, the song barely scraped into the Top 60. However, their belief in its timeless quality led them to reissue an edited version after the success of “Toys in the Attic,” propelling it to chart-topping positions globally. Despite its countless renditions by the band, it consistently evokes the most impassioned response from audiences, becoming the highlight of their performances. Moreover, in polls, it garnered nearly 100 more votes than any other song, cementing its status as a fan favorite.

In conclusion, Aerosmith’s musical legacy is encapsulated within their Top 10 best songs, showcasing the band’s unparalleled talent, diversity, and enduring impact on rock music. From timeless classics to anthems that define generations, this selection represents the essence of Aerosmith’s artistry, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of fans worldwide. Each track embodies the raw energy, passion, and innovation that have solidified Aerosmith’s position as legends in the realm of rock ‘n’ roll, ensuring their music continues to resonate for years to come.


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