On The 1st Anniversary Of Our Wedding, This Is For My Wife

Its been one year honeymoon

I’ve known you since the day you were born and we’ve been married for a year on this very special day. I remember our first date, the day we married and all of your beautiful milestones in life. To celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary, I’d like to reflect on how far things have come these past twelve months.

A lot has changed since then: We have moved in together and are renovating our new home. I went back to work and my wife started her own business. But even more significantly, we’ve become parents! Yes, you read that right — we’re expecting our first child this month! This will be an exciting year for us as new parents: The arrival of our infant son or daughter marks a happy time for us as parents and partners; during this time (and for many years after), we will serve as role models for our family member or children by setting clear rules, teaching them what’s expected of them, and offering support when needed.

Everyone wants to help you celebrate your amazing wedding anniversary! But what if they do not know how to give the best anniversary gift? I can help! In this article, I will explain how to find the perfect gift for your 1st wedding anniversary.

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